Is DMB Caravan how you spell Mid-Life Crisis?

Austin has two big music festivals each year: SXSW and ACL. I have never been to either – too many people, too many bands, too much discomfort. In fact I have never been to a music festival in my life – even when I lived back in the UK and I went to a lot of concerts then. But I grew up in the early days of punk rock and we were used to small venues and short sets. Rarely did I see a set last more than 90 minutes. The one exception was Springsteen in 1985 at Wembley. Bruce performed for almost four hours and it was an amazing gig. But that is the extent of my big concert experience. In fact, the nearest I got to a large gathering of people outside of Springsteen was a Luis Palau gathering and we all know how that turned out … So this makes it all the more surprising that in three weeks (a week after I get back from my California Vacation) I’ll be flying to Chicago for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan Music Festival, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be going with my good friend The Judge and my only hope for the trip is that we don’t get arrested. If this experience is as good as I believe it will be it could mark the beginning of a whole new annual pilgrimage. When I told my wife about the trip she was very surprised, but was more than happy for me to go, so getting old has its advantages