It Must Be Me

Back in the UK The Consul and Kentucky are big football fans. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, but I’ve never really been interested. When I was younger and my Dad watched the FA Cup I would watch with him.  I remember enjoying the 1978-79 match with Arsenal against Man. United. There were a few other times too, but basically I was only interested because someone else was and I enjoyed watching through their eyes.

Here in Texas, Football (which we call American Football in the UK) is huge.  We’ve just started watching the show Friday Night Lights that ran from 2006-2011. It was a good show, that wasn’t a huge hit but it had a very loyal following, and it certainly portrayed how Texans feel about Football – it is held above all else. Watching this show make me realize how different I and my family are – we just have never been that into team sports.

But I love watching the show anyway.