It was fifty years ago today

Yes, in 1962 the fab moptops in their tight trousers released their first single ‘Love Me Do’, a song about mutual masturbation as our young boys ask their girl to love them back in the special way that they love her. This was closely followed by ‘Please Please Me’, another song about how they really want their girl to please them the way that they please her. Disgusting. Then, ‘I want to hold your hand’ made it still more explicit about wanting to get a grip together on the old todger because when they touch her they feel happy inside. And so the filth continued, climaxing with McCartney’s ‘Come & Get It’, a lyric that was so explicit about wanking the lads had to pass it on to a band named after erectile dysfunction: Badfinger! ‘If you want it, here it is Come and get it But you better hurry ’cause it’s going fast’ Leggy Mountbatten must be turning in his grave.