Just what is it that makes today’s pubs so different, so appealing?

Now, Max is a perspicacious guy so when he set up this bloghole he had the vision to include a tag for ‘Pubs’. So, it is regrettable (nay lamentable, [nay, unforgiveable]) that we have not had a blog post tagged with ‘Pub’ for over a year. Go figure, as our colonial cousins chuckle in an approximation of wit whenever their tiny minds (cf. Max’s last blog but one) cannot encompass as much as their wraparound sunglasses. I digress. What I wished to say was that it is not drink of which I am enamoured, but that Anglo-Saxon bolthole long-established on these shores as the alternative to those redoubts customary to the revolting (1789) French tippler: wine bars, cafes, mistresses’ boudoirs. What I cherish is the pub. To drink elsewhere is a relaxation but the Anglo-Saxon alehouse is the chief pleasure of these shores . Hurry up Harold.