Just Whistle While You Work

“Ah, Ah, Aaah, not under the rug!”

So even my wife has noticed how happy I am these days!  I’m even singing and whistling during the day which is quite unlike me.  So after all these years what could have changed?  Well I think it is a combination of things over the last few years:

  • My kids have left home and they are doing ok
  • My wife’s business is growing and we are both excited about the potential
  • My business is doing well with some interesting new clients coming into the mix
  • My Garage and Office Closet are both finished and have reduced all this clutter in my life which clearly has been killing me slowly over the years

So I feel great.  Now will it last, I doubt it.  But I have learned to enjoy the good times when they come, and that is what I’m doing now as I crack open another bottle of Alaskan.