Kentucky and Des O’Connor – Two Wise Men

Having Kentucky back on the blog educating us in the ways of beer and Europe reminded me of that other wise man: Des O’Connor:

CLIVE: I had, er, you know that, er, that, er, what’s he called? – that philosopher?
DEREK: Philosopher?
CLIVE: Er, philosopher, yeah.
DEREK: Errr …..
CLIVE: The one who knows words and everything like that.
DEREK: What, er, Des O’Connor?
CLIVE: No, not Des. No, Des …..
CLIVE: Des is clever but he’s, he’s not quite as reputed to be as clever as this, erm …..
DEREK: Other bloke.
DEREK: Oh, Jane Russell!
CLIVE: No, Bertrand – Bertrand Russell.