Kentucky Tweets

I tried and tried, but I just can’t fit it into 140 characters. ‘He who has known the other days, the angry ones of gout attacks, or those with that wicked headache rooted behind the eyeballs that casts a spell on every nerve of eye and ear with a fiendish delight in torture, or those soul-destroying, evil days of inward emptiness and despair, when, on this ravaged earth, sucked dry by the vampires of finance, the world of men and of so-called culture grins back at us with the lying, vulgar, brazen glamour of a Fair and dogs us with the persisĀ­tence of an emetic, and when all is concentrated and focused to the last pitch of the intolerable upon your own sick self – he who has known these hellish days’ may be content indeed with normal half-and-half days like today.’