Kitchen Renovation Hell!

A unique hell that I believe is reserved strictly for married men is the innocently named: Kitchen Renovation. Over 18 months ago I agreed to a modest renovation.  After a period of three months I tripled the budget and now this was a major event which made my wife the most excited I have seen her in 25 years.  All I had to do was pay for the thing, but she was designing planning, and executing it.  What could go wrong?

It took a year before she had all of her ducks in a row and work actually began in February of this year.  It is still ongoing.  We have been without a proper kitchen now for six months, and although progress has been made I still have no confidence it will be finished any time soon.  This was meant to take two months. We had a perfectly fine kitchen before this began and now I’m down more than the cost of my daughter’s four year college degree …

Good Times! – and certainly plenty of reason to keep drinking.