Ladies Night

Well it’s all about the apostrophe, isn’t it? Well, isn’t it? Okay, no it isn’t, but if you’re a pedant like me (and if you’re not a pedant like me, please note that a pedant is not a paedo) then the absent apostrophe is at worst ‘interesting’ on the sign here, spied in the men’s bog of the Black Horse ( in the preceding phrase, the bog ‘belongs’ to the men, for example). The night does not belong to the ladies (as in ‘Women’s Shoes’ for example), but apparently is about ‘women’ in the same sense, for instance, that bowls night is about ‘bowls’. So, ’twas to no avail that on seeing the sign Kentucky and I sat around in the private lounge with our stiff ones waiting for a certain little lady to come by.