Location, Location, Location

I’m sitting on the deck. In front of me is the ocean with sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. The breeze off the ocean is refreshing and the sun is just the right temperature. There are lots of bikini clad girls playing volley ball and frolicking in the ocean – the bikinis are really a bit too tiny for this married man to keep it together … In the condo it is perfectly quiet, except for Springsteen playing on my iPhone and the constant churn of the ocean. My family are all at the beach. I just cracked open a can of Boddingtons and I must say it tastes amazing. Not quite the same as the ESB I had in Maui all those years ago, but close. Which leads me to realise that the Perfect Pint is as much about the beer as it is the location, atmosphere and people at the time it is drank. And don’t forget the tiny bikinis.