London Pubs

So after a brief 24 hours in Sussex our chauffeur sped us to the heart of old London Town staying at the Waldorf  Hotel slap bang in the middle of the West End.  What a perfect location and just ten minutes away from Covent Garden where I worked over thirty years ago.

We had no specific plans for our week in London – well apart from strolling through Green Park in the mornings, shopping in the afternoons, and drinking and dining in the evenings.  We saw many sites thanks to the central location, but we didn’t really do any site seeing per se.

The highlight for me was visiting some old work pubs (which much to my joy were still there after 30 years and especially with so many pubs closing).  We drank at:

Some of the beers we tried included:

Now maybe none of these beers would go down as world class (with the possible exception of London Pride), but when you are sitting down in a British Pub with some decent music playing on the jukebox everything gets elevated.  My wife looked more beautiful than ever, the music was amazing and just sitting on the bar stool chatting, supping, and people watching was a little slice of heaven.

I loved it all and my wife seemed to enjoy it too.  I’m sure the Retail Therapy during the afternoons helped so she was more than happy to spend a few hours drinking in the pubs with me.  Maybe that is why we’ve been happily married for twenty five years and still love each other today.  Whatever the secret I look forward to repeating the same trip for our 30th 🙂