Long Term Friendships

The Consul is a busy man with important things to do, but that doesn’t stop him continuing to add to this blog.   Every time he makes a new post he inspires me to do more.  Maybe the hey-day of this blog is over which I think we can all attribute to me not drinking as much and working on that “other blog”.  But I’ve been listening to the Beaver Tapes tonight and The Clash in particular and just cracked open a can of Boddingtons in homage to The Consul’s visit so many years ago:

A Twelve Hour Playlist and a Fridge Full of Beer.

In the early days of this blog I wrote most on Wednesday nights (Thursday morning to you boys over the pond) and basically I would post and drink, post and drink, post and drink until I finally passed out.  These days I’m barely tipsy and so it is hard to get the creative juices flowing.  Posts like these:

Hi Max, I was just thinking of you …

Hit me there!

Large Breasts aren’t everything …

don’t happen without the right juice or the right friendships 🙂