Macallan 18

Although the ELO concert on Monday was not as exciting as I had hoped, (though I’m still thinking of Rosie Langley for sure) we still had a great mini-break in Dallas this week. Last night we found ourselves back in my favorite Dallas bar The Library and it didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere was smooth and they had a wonderful pianist playing music during our evening. It was perfect.

I was looking at the drinks menu and noticed Macallan 18 was on there for $45 a pop (not a bottle, just a glass). Well before you guys in England all became enamoured with the Duchess of Sussex, she was in a show called Suits which I have been watching since it started in 2011. The big guy on campus in Suits is Harvey Specter and the drink he is partial to is Macallan 18 so I told my good lady, let’s try one of these bad boys.

There is no doubt it was a smooth drop. Not sure I would be able to tell the difference between any other single malt, and it is unilikely I’ll ever drop that sort of cash on a single drink anytime soon. But it was an enjoyable moment, and the waitress was very happy when we closed out the bar tab and the 20% tip.

My wife and I retired to our suite glowing quite nicely at the end of the evening to round off another wonderful mini-break.