More Choices 2

Anyway, so it was Dream House all over again. Not Rachel and Naomi, but Rachael and Emily together in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. This was a film that sold itself on the cast alone. Who cares about the script? Stirling and Blunt would be a great firm of solicitors, or agents — but only one of them currently seems intent on making it as a movie star. Emily Blunt was brilliant in Gideon’s Daughter and My Summer of Love, but does she need to go anglo-kooky to win roles in films like The Adjustment Bureau, adopting a nondescript transatlantic accent. She’s still lovable but I hope she doesn’t think it’s her big moment to make it in Hollywood. Otherwise, Rachael will always win for sheer class. Rach(a)els usually do in the drinking men’s drunken world.