More Cider – Sam Smith’s Organic Cider

So this week was a good week for Cider for sure.  In addition to the Heirloom Cider I picked up a new cider (to me at least) from the famous old brewery in Tadcaster, Yorkshire: Samuel Smith called Organic Cider.  To give you an idea of how long Sam has been brewing quality beers, the brewery was founded in 1758, that’s 17 years before the American Revolution began.

And a very fine Cider they have here.  I could certainly see myself banging down a few more of these bad boys – if only I could find them all this distance from Yorkshire.  It is a solid 5% ABV so not quite as heady as the Heirloom, but that is probably a good thing.  Apparently best served at 44 degrees, but it tasted perfect at the 38 degrees that Helga maintains for me (what a sweet girl):

Helga Is Here