Mrs Bond

Well, Skyfall won best British movie at the BAFTAs. Fair dues. Les Mis is a brilliant musical and theatrical production but why stick a couple of aussie actors with mediocre voices on top of it. The further down the cast list you went, the better the people could sing. Argo won overall best film, but seeing as I was unable to gain admittance even for ready-money into the ‘Unlimited’ film screening to see it (don’t get me started), I really couldn’t comment. We’ll now see what the verdict is of the AAFTAs (the American awards that come afta the BAFTAs). A little heads up for those who do not go out to see their films: Lincoln would be a better play than film. Life of Pi is magnificent, but doesn’t tick enough boxes. Amour is foreign forcryingoutloud, so nevergonnawin. And Silver Linings Playbook is just a good movie –don’t get excited. In fact, if you want to get excited about the power of celluloid excitement, give Sam Mendes and Skyfall the best film award. It’s the closest Bond will get to an Oscar, except for the one his wife won for The Constant Gardener! The woman went to Cambridge forpetessake. She has fantastic eye makeup. She can actually act. She wears kinky boots!!!!!!!