Who says men cannot multi-task. Not I.


The barbecue was invented to prove that a man can cook, eat, and drink at the same time. It is an art and a science. Which is why women cannot do it. Men can do it. LGBTQI folk can do it. But women cannot. Fact. Biological, innit. Or maybe just an imposition of ideological mindhornery underlining the┬ápatriarchal tyranny inherent in the system of decadent Western society, ‘man-made’ language, and phallic grilling.


Mostly grilling.


I do want to interject one concept at this juncture though darling. By the way, how old are you (pause for applause)? Summer is the time for barbecues. However, check the data about rainfall in July here in Blighty. You have a better chance of a better barbecue in bleeding November! Fact.


Which is why it’s a science.


I rest my case (of beer).