Music and Drinking

I guess if I had to choose between beer and music I’d choose music. It would be a hard choice, but music would have to win. Luckily I don’t have to choose so I can enjoy both. But boy do I love drinking beer and listening to music! Twice a week I can transcend time and place; the the cost is just a mild (ish) hangover and a bigger tummy. Approaching 50 doesn’t fill me with excitement – not like approaching 21 did. But I have reasonable health, am blessed with a beautiful, loving wife and two great kids, enjoy my job and have at least two friends whom I know are looking forward to taking a stroll to the Ragged Cock for a beer or two. I remember when I first saw The Clash at 14. They walked on stage and Mick Jones started strumming Clash City Rockers and when Joe started singing I knew that I was in heaven. It was an incredible evening. Just by pressing play I can go back and relive that evening 35 years ago. That is truly magical.