My Sister Is Visiting Soon

I’ve been in the good ol’ U.S. of A. for 28 years and in 7 weeks my younger sister and her husband will be dropping in for her first visit. It will only be for 24 hours during a three week trip where they visit San Francisco, Austin, New Orleans, and Mexico. So of course the pressure is on. My sis has heard all these wonderful things about my home from my Mum there is no doubt, and now we have to try and live up to some of those.

I’ve found there is nothing like a visitor to force you to get things sorted in your home. We’re finally painting the guestroom. I fixed the sink last weekend, cleared out the “dining room” junk room, got rid of a whole bunch of old boxes and clothes. And of course making sure Helga is filled with all of her husband’s favorite beverages.