Never a Tetley’s Fan.

I was never a Tetley’s fan and, in certain establishments of ill repute, I was left in the unenviable position of being able to drink only a pint of Tetley’s bitter or a Guinness. Now, I do like Guinness but, in summer, I find it a little too thick to be refreshing. To address this problem, I decided to start drinking pints that were made up of half a Guinness and half a Tetley’s dark mild. After all, as was pointed out by the barman in the Royal Park, it was my stomach. I enjoyed this combination and in later years I developed this idea to become a truly excellent pint – the G and V. This was simply a pint of Guinness with a single vodka added. In the George, where one vodka was never enough, this became a double or even triple G and V. It certainly gave that pub a rosy glow.