Nice ending, dick–jackass

Very sad to hear The Bully died. RIP DICK SWIFT. Great song. Great to make your own video to, too!

Hey buddy, I saw you from the side, leaning on my car… What the fuck is up with that, huh?

Do you see me – leaning on your car?? Uh? No — no. I’m ‘unna give you a couple minutes to think about it, I’ma sing this verse, and then you can apologize to me right after I’m done… you got that? Baby look in my eyes Baby can’t you understand You’re the woman I love Baby come and hold my hand When I look in your eyes, Well you cannot be surprised You look the other way — a — ay Hey buddy, Nice jacket. Nice fuckin’ curly hair too — that looks great. You gonna say you’re sorry yet for LEANING ON MY CAR? Huh? You gonna say you’re sorry? Hold on — hold on, here’s another verse – one second… Baby hold on my hand Baby you’re one I see Baby look at my hand You’re the only one for me When I look in your eye, and you just can’t feel at home (?) You look the other way — a — ay Yeah – nice ending, jack–jackass…


And here’s another great track from the best EP of the millennium.