No Fear Beer

I dropped my two teenage kids off at school today. It was pouring down with rain and my son was wearing a T-Shirt and my daughter was wearing something equally unsuitable for the downpour. I was worried about them getting soaked but they didn’t mind at all. Earlier in the morning I had reminded them to have their school stuff ready and of course just before we left there was a big scramble for the correct books and bags, but they were unfazed. Nothing seems to bother my kids from the big things like: school grades, money and boy/girl friends, to the small things such as these. Kentucky is the same way. Unfortunately, I am not. I worry about everything: being late, being early, going to the bathroom, going to a busy place, not having enough money, missing a connection, missing a meal, meeting new people, etc. I’d like to think it is an age thing, but I don’t think it is – I’ve always been this way. But when it comes to trying out a new beer in new pub I am always game for a laugh. I don’t know why this is but I find it refreshing to know that there are still some things in life that I can enjoy without fear. If this is not a reason for drinking more beer then what is?