Not a bad lyric that

Even in a dead blog there are treasures to be found, not to mention the odd good beer and some quality cleavage. Over the last two years some interesting posts have been penned (mainly by the talented Consul) and even if they have no literary merit of their own they will frequently remind you of other great works. I was perusing the blog and came upon this great post by The Consul and I loved the line: “… prefers to watch Skippy the bush kangaroo. Lovely girl. Nice bush.” Which reminded me of those most amazingly talented individuals: Derek and Clive. So then I started listening to their albums and frankly I had forgotten how funny these guys were. I used to listen to them all the time at college, but over time I have moved on. Thirty years on they are still amazing and funny as shit. So even a dead blog can inspire and amuse.