Not Dark, But Damn Close!

Good to see the Consul break the silence!

I know why I have not been posting my usual drivel … my fat gut. I decided to lose 15 lbs and although I don’t think drinking is the biggest culprit, it helps. So I cut down pretty harshly over the last two months. It has helped but never as much as one would like.

A side effect of cutting back on drinking meant I was not inspired (?) to add more cleavage to this blog, which is a crime.

So I’m now leaning towards drinking more and figuring out other ways to lose weight (and we all know how well that is going to work) – where is a good dose of plague when you need it?

And this is how I feel about my new plan …


And I’m so glad Yes,

I’m so glad

I’m so glad

So glad

… thank-you Bob Dylan.

Dylan’s 20th Studio Album “Saved” may not be one of his high points, but I always loved the energy and enthusism of the title track.  Just amazing!

I’m not a raging alcholic, but I do like being back.  Maybe tonight I’ll be staying here with you …