Ol’ Jack is Back

Speaking of post war Americanization, of course in the bar scene of the film adaptation of that updated Tom/Jack/Mack-the-knife story The Talented Mr Ripley, it’s all about whiskey and soda. A bottle of Jack Daniels and a recording of Sophia Loren singing the song sounds good to me. I wonder if Sinatra ever sang it?

You wear trousers showing a famous brand
you wear a hat with the peak raised
you go trotting along Tuleto’s streets
showing off your self, to make people look at you
You’d like to be an American,
‘merican, ‘merican
listen to me, is it worth it?
you want to be trendy
but if you drink “whiskey and soda”
and then you have a long hangover
You dance rock ‘n’ roll
you play baseball
but who gives you the money to buy Camels?
your mother’s purse!
You’d like to be an American
‘merican, ‘merican
but you were born in Italy!
listen to me, there’s nothing you can do
ok, neapolitan?
You’d like to be an American
You’d like to be an American
How can people that love you
understand you if you speak half-american?
when you are making love under the moon
how come you say “I love you”?
You’d like to be an American
‘merican, ‘merican,