Other "Third Times a Charm" Artists

Of course by the time The Consul wakes up he will fill the screen with great third albums, but I thought I better get a few off my chest while he is still sleeping.

  • Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run
  • The Clash – London Calling
  • Blondie – Parallel Lines
  • Iggy & The Stooges – Raw Power
  • Billy Bragg – Talking with the Taxman about Poetry
  • Derek and Clive – Ad Nauseam
  • Dire Straits – Making Movies
  • Green Day – Dookie
  • Hazel O’Connor – Cover Plus
  • Lindsey Buckingham – Out of The Cradle
  • Lou Reed – Berlin
  • Peter Gabriel – Third Album

That’s all I got and it took me almost an hour to find them 🙂