“Retirement” on the Horizon

So in 2023, when I turn 60, I have decided I will be retiring from the company I started in 2001. I won’t be fully retiring – I truly love what I do most of the time – but I will be giving up the most stressful parts of my work life. I will be continuing with the business I began with my wife ten years ago. It will be a change financially, but after running the numbers and the risk/reward I think it is the right time. Apart from thinking just a little harder before I fly Club Class to the UK, I don’t think it will change too many things in my life, except for the amount of stress I deal with. And I figure as I pass the sixty milestone it is the appropriate time.

I will say, ever since I made this decision, I have been feeling a little lighter and less stressed. Even though it is almost five years away some weight has been lifted from me. And I’m saving like a Mother Fucker!