Rod Stewart and the

Breast or thigh?, as Cary Grant said. Well, Max and Kentucy are both breast men. Whereas I am all behind. The objectification of the male body in pornography continues to upset me, especially the way that the penis has come (pun intended) to be a metonym for the man. Women’s body parts are variously fetishised but guys are just pricks, as Max knows all too well. Personally speaking, I subscribe to the Desmond Morris view that the attraction to female breasts is merely a displaced attraction to their arses. Discuss. What’s more I am an old romantic. So, what I actually find most attractive in a woman is her face. Many men subscribe to the view that the purpose of beer is to convince them that a 4 is an 8, but I have always thought that that was what marriage was for. Anyway, Max has a limited exposure to beauty so I thought I’d regale him with some pulchritude from this side of the Atlantic. He will think it’s Audrey Hepburn.