Same Wonderful Life, Larger Monitor

So it has been about four years since I last posted on a regular basis to this wonderful blog and everything is pretty much ticking along the same.  We have a great new look to our website which is a big improvement on the old one, and The Consul will start posting again very soon too.

I am little greyer but a little thinner too so that balances things out nicely.  I’m drinking a little less, but I like to think with as much gusto and enthusiasm as ever – without my regularly planned evenings of drinking beer and cider I know I would not survive the week.  I still get the same sense of excitement as 9pm Friday approaches that I used to get in Leeds.  I’d be waiting for Kentucky to knock on the door and we’d venture forth for the first pint of the evening (often joined with tasty a Jameson Irish Whisky chaser).

Nothing quite like that first beer after a hard week.  Plus I have a brand spanking new 43″ monitor which really shows off the finer points of Sarah and Rachel, and when it comes to those to lovely ladies there is no screen too big.