Searching for the perfect Christmas pint

While Santa has to do his rounds, we three kings have to buy the rounds. Having neutralised each other’s teams (see right), Kentucky and I are forced to stage round 2 on a wider battlefield tomorrow. We know Max will be with us in spirit. So, the itinerary is: 11.15 Set off to The Bear (40mins) 11.55 The Bear for a couple of pints 13.30 Sliding downhill to The Ram (40 mins) 14.10 2 x Bath Ales Spa; perhaps the perfect pint? 15.45 Off to the Bell (45 mins) 16.30 Into The Bell, an untried pub near Selsley Common for two Doom Bars and a 70s lyrics quiz 18.00 Back home for the second half of our session (25 mins) We will take it to the maximus.