As one gets older (for ‘one’ read ‘I’), one finds that one gets more sentimental (for ‘one’ read ‘Max’). Another stimulant of the weepy watery is sparkling wine (blimey, you’re sophisticated says Alexei). When combined, the two have bizarre consequences. Last week I visited an old couple of non-drinkers, who, in honour of my visit, got out the only alcohol in their possession. A bottle of Veuve Cliquot left over from the lady’s 60th birthday. We drank it at room temperature, in beer glasses!!! Now, I say to you, perfect-pint seekers, that when Max visits next year, I think we can do a bit better than that, and make sure he gets a little of what he fancies before we are beset by the devils of Parkinson’s, tourette’s, or Alzheimer’s…. Or gout!