Something you can count on

So I just spent $17,000 on ten new windows – wow that’s some expensive windows! We had some rain and I was so fucking pleased to see that three of them were leaking. As you get older dealing with disappointment really starts to weigh on you. It becomes harder and harder to have any optimism in life because so often things don’t go the way you plan. Luckily there are some things you can count on:

  • I can count on The Consul to post an entry that makes me smile.
  • Ladies can count on some healthy interest when they turn up with just the right amount of cleavage.
  • I can count on certain beers to deliver the goods.
  • Kentucky can count on this blog still being here when he finally gets off the tail.

So when you think life has thrown you one too many curve balls, think of the things you can count on and remind yourself that life is still worth living.