South by Southwest is here again

South by Southwest, the tech-music-movie conference getting under way here Friday in Austin is a huge event. Each year it grows in popularity, well over 100,000 now attend. We have clients who visit us during this week, just so they can go to the festival. Not sure how much work they get done, but their always keen to come to Austin in March. You might remember last year I had a great time at the DMB Caravan in Chicago, and you’d probably assume SXSW would be a no brainer for me. You’d be wrong. In twenty years, I have never once been to the festival. It has just never appealed to me – even when I was a younger man, and certainly not today. I seek out those more intimate venues like the One World Theater. Instead I’ve got my own music festival playing right now and a fresh glass of Old Speckled Hen. Hard to beat the Old Hen!