South Padre Vacation

My vacation to South Padre Island was perfect! We spent many hours in the sea and huge 300 foot swimming pool. The beaches were perfect. I didn’t think about work at all. I also got quite a lot of practice playing pool which should worry the boys when I come back for the real 50th celebration in 2013. I did not find any great new beers – in fact I was surprised by how few places served beer on tap. However, we had a great time and I drank primarily the Texas favorite Shiner Bock and Sam Adams Boston Ale on tap at a wonderful Italian restaurant that was close by. The one local highlight was the Padre Island Brewing Company. This had five locally brewed beers on tap, but I was only able to try one. It was a good session beer, but I don’t remember any more details and cannot find it on their website. The next big trip for me is England, 2013. Let’s hope that the boys will be ready for some serious competition in both beer consumption and pool.