Southern Pecan by Lazy Magnolia

So last weekend I took my good wife to stay at the ranch of my old IBM Boss, Micky, from the early ’90’s. It was a three hour journey to his amazing home in Gause, TX. The ranch is 700 acres and made me wonder where I went wrong with my career. I took along some wine for the missus and some Old Speckled Hen for me and to keep the free range hens there company. It was a big success. Whilst spending time in Micky’s media room and bar (something I’ve always wanted) he asked me to try out this new beer: Southern Pecan. I was a bit wary after my craft hamper experience, but after the first few sips was a new convert. Southern Pecan from the Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company in Mississippi, is the world’s first beer to be made with whole roasted pecans. But that didn’t worry me as it tasted great. It was a wonderful weekend, even if I did hit the hen and nuts pretty hard!