St Nick

End of the year. Pause and reflect. These we have loved, and lost.

Those who died in 2018 include Aretha and Pete Shelley from music, John Hurt and Bernardo Bertolucci from film. But one other death is more significant for me.

Who is the best British film director? Lean, Powell, Nolan, Scott, or, if you want, Hitchcock. There are some odder choices like Attenborough, Minghella and Boorman: all great. But, when we were growing up, the films of one director were more intriguing than those of any other. Nicholas Roeg made a run of fascinating, classic films in the 1970s from Performance and Walkabout to Don’t Look Now  and The Man who Fell to Earth. Involving and complex movies like Bad Timing followed. And the first half of Eureka is also brilliant, but then it starts to go downhill….

Plus, he was a director who worked with rock stars, which gave him added appeal: Bowie, Jagger, and Tom from Simon & Garfunkel.

And, yes, Mick, it was the best sex we’d ever seen, set to perhaps the best movie soundtrack too!