Still Searching

Searching for the perfect pint is another name for a pub crawl. The pp is not something you pour from a bottle or a can. At least these days the (less than a) pint you pour from a can might be drinkable unlike the old days of the Watneys Party 7. Progress, eh? So, I am delighted to have frequented in my neck of the woods a pub that cares about beer. Though Kentucky is spoiled up his end (yes I could have expressed that differently) and Max has his imports, It’s been a long time round here we found clarity let alone perfection. But Bath Ales remains my favourite local brewer and it was a treat to go to my favourite pub, the Old Badger, and have a perfect pint of their autumn brew, Forest Hare. As Withnail would say, very bitter to those who can’t appreciate it, a taste of freedom to those who can.