Summer – the First time

Ah, Bobby Goldsboro on the summer breeze. My friend Martin has a theory that all pop artists end on a downward trajectory. Whenever they reach their peak, it is not at the end. Feel free to suggest otherwise, but I do also think that bands’ first albums are often their best (obviously not the Beatles or the Stones, or Bowie or Dylan etc, — okay it’s not exactly universal, particularly for the greatest artists). We are in the century of near one-hit album wonders (Strokes, Magic Numbers, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys etc) that peak at birth. So, here’s a little tribute to the first album in my personal and subjective list of top ten debuts from the last century (if we think Astral Weeks is not Van’s first, that is).

  1. Five Leaves Left
  2. My aim is True
  3. Rattlesnakes
  4. Reading, Writing and Artihmetic
  5. You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever
  6. The Velvet Underground
  7. Rattus Norvegicus
  8. Searching for the Young Soul Rebels
  9. High Land, Hard Rain
  10. Songs of Leonard Cohen, or Grace, New Boots and Panties, The Clash, Life’s a Riot or something else I’ve forgotten!

Something for everyone there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!