Men in general are tactile creatures. It maybe because they have 6-18 inches of swinging (English) Ham hanging between their legs that they get to play with it from an early age, or something else. But we like touching things. Breasts of course are obvious, gear knobs, knobs of any kind really, vinyl records, watches, tools, spanners, guns, fixing things, … the list goes on. Breasts are normally the number one on the list.

But recently I found the perfect bottle opener which I just had to share. it is from the Canadian company BBbarfly and not only are these the best bottle openers I have ever used in 55 years of living, they are incredibly tactile and just great fun to hold and use. I already have two, one to celebrate my heritage and my wife’s, and I’ll probably get more over the years. They really compliment the drinking experience which really is what we are looking for here isn’t it? How to drink better beer and beer better.