Talking, Comedy, and Wonderful Music

I went to see Colin Hay this evening in Austin, Texas, and boy what an amazing concert. People like Kentucky and The Consul know a thing or two about beer, sexual positions, Woody Allen movies, Greek Tragedies and a smattering of music. However, for some reason when it comes to Colin Hay they are clueless. Of course you get wrapped up with the whole Men at Work thing, but Colin has been doing his solo act for Twenty years and the music he has written since is much better than anything he did with them. But, that is not the point. Not only is Colin Hay truly one of our great song writers, he is an amazing guitarist, singer and a funny bastard too. Whereas people like Dylan and Van the Man don’t talk to the audience at all, Colin spends probably half the gig talking, telling jokes, and hilarious stories. It is an amazing experience. I know that Kentucky and The Consul will continue to think he is an arse, but they are missing out on one of the great ones.