Talking of Ireland

So one of the early Irish bands I loved was: Stiff Little Fingers. I saw them first down at the Top Rank Ballroom in Brighton (with an ant sucking his left nipple) in 1978. They were supporting the Tom Robinson Band. It was an incredible evening, and as good as Tom Robinson was – and they played a great set, my money was on Jake Burns and his band. It all began with Stiff Little Fingers walking onto the stage and some clown threw a glass of beer all over Jake Burns. Boy was Jake mad! I thought he was going to lay out the guy – then they tore into Suspect Device! Amazing concert. So much anger, so much feeling, so much hope! What I’ve never understood is how after the first album, Inflammable Material, they never produced another album that had the same sound or rawness. It seems after the first album they lost their edge. But it was not the music so much as the production – those producers! I like plenty of songs on their second album, Nobody’s Heroes, but it just sounded over produced and dull. Is it just me?