That In Vino thing

You might remember Kentucky – he used to be a regular contributor here, but now he has found other pastures to mow. But his words regarding Vino and truth continue to ring true. I have over 22,000 songs in my mp3 collection … that is a shit load of music – over 60 days worth if played 24 hours a day. But when I’ve had a few beers the list of albums I put on shrinks to less than 20. For example, I’m listening right now to Dylan’s masterpiece: Blood on the Tracks. The Consul would have a few words to say about this I’m sure, but if I had one Dylan album to play it would be this one. And as I look back at all the quality posts I’ve made I see that back in February I was listening to the same album. You can’t trick beer and wine – if you want to find out the truly best albums of all time go to a bar at closing time and ask the punters for their all time favorite albums. I’m sure you’ll find the list short and sweet … and spot on.