The Amazing Power of Aging

It is really good to see The Consul looking so good – boy is that the body of a Greek God or what, and especially without the fur.  The old phrase: You’re only as old as the woman you’re feeling which I refer to in this post should be tempered slightly, by age.  Before you fully succumb to old age there is a fight that some sad souls take on to stay young.  In the end we all succumb, but in your 50’s we have a shot to stave things off for maybe a decade or so.  I know since I started exercising and losing some pounds I have felt so much better.   I didn’t realize I was feeling bad until I dropped the weight and started exercising, but now I’m on the other side of the hill I feel so much better.  I’m not young, but I’m not “old” anymore either.

Long live The Power of Aging and the beautiful billionaires such as Tamara Ecclestone who make it all worthwhile to stay young just a little longer and dream about what could be.