The Beer Gut Myth

I always appreciate it when The Consul can keep off the tail for more than twenty minutes to make a post. His comments regarding wine reminded me of the time a few summers ago when I started drinking wine exclusively. It was a sad time for this Drinking Man for sure. I was getting a bit concerned by my ever expanding “Beer Gut” and my wife suggested that I try drinking wine instead of beer. I’ve never been much of a wine drinker so I was hesitant but decided to give it a try for a month. I managed to get into a wine drinking groove though I was thirsty all of the time; just not enough volume for me. I did however, find myself more drunk than usual so it was not all bad. Anyway, after a month there was no change whatsoever in my weight or my gut. Then I moved on to plan B – no alcohol at all for 40 days and nights, just like Brian. I felt sure this drastic course of action, something that Kentucky tried years later, would have some significant results. But again nothing. The “Beer Gut” did not budge and I could not understand why. After more research and some very fine beers I am able to publish my findings. Over the last four months I’ve been drinking beer in the same quantities as ever and yet my Gut has been shrinking almost daily. The secret is: I’ve cut out my daily bowl of cereal and no longer eat pizza every week. So no matter what they tell you Beer does not give you a “Beer Gut.” In fact I have hard evidence that proves that neither beer nor exercise impacts your weight at all. Just look at The Consul – he looks as slim and dapper as he looked thirty years ago and he has not gone a day with exercise or without beer in that same period of time.