The Early Days In Ten Drinks – 03 – Bacardi, Vodka, Gin

Fast forward to the last week of the first term at Leeds and then the fun begins. Remember, I’ve never been drunk or even tipsy and I’m almost 19 years of age! I didn’t like beer but was determined to get drunk so I went to some Union Disco and was drinking all of the non-alcohol tasting drinks: Bacardi + Coke, Vodka + Bitter Lemon, and Gin + Tonic. Doubles each time. Well to say I was smashed out of my face is an understatement, but worse I didn’t know how to behave when feeling like this.

Before you can say “Margaret Thatcher” I’m falling flat on my face on the floor. If your head is spinning the best place to be is on the floor. Now, if you are a seasoned drinker like everyone else in Leeds was at the time, you know to resist this urge, but not me. I went down multiple times. In fact when I went back home for Christmas I did the same thing in a packed pub – I’d just fall down all the way to the floor and lie there and giggle. It took me years to overcome the social stigma.

So much for not drinking for 19 years. Those days were forever over and I liked the feeling. Next began the search for a more suitable drink …