The Early Days In Ten Drinks – 05 – Kentucky’s Brew

Kentucky will be the first to tell you that Cider is not a real drink, Ale is the only true beverage worth considering. So he took it upon himself to convert me from my apple enshrined ways.  I turned up one night at his place on Hartley Avenue if I remember correctly and he had a number of Ales lined up that he had brewed he thought I might like.

There was one in particular that I really took a fancy too – which was a huge surprise to me because until that point I had steered clear of all beers for years.  But Kentucky was determined to make me see the light.  That night we went out to a few pubs and Kentucky chose beers that he thought would most closely resemble the beer I had approved.  I enjoyed them all and so began the switch and satisfying enjoyment of a simple pint of beer and the amazing new world of taste, and dare I say it, inebriation that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

Thank-you Kentucky for opening my eyes – I was blind but now I see.