The Early Days In Ten Drinks – 08 – Midori Melon Liquer

I was working one Summer after my first year of college at a Golf Driving Range behind the bar. Most nights I was the only one working as it didn’t get that busy and one evening I noticed this whole case of Midori Melon Liquer that was just sitting there, and I thought I’d try to shift some of it.

I came up with a simple Midori Shandy – adding lemonade, limes and 4 shots of Midori to a half pint glass. It was a big hit and by the second week I had shifted half of the bottles. I don’t know if we made any money but my boss was pleased to see the green liquid moving out. I liked the taste and everyone was happy. This was during my non beer years, when I hadn’t fully given up on spirts but was leaning more towards cider, so it fit right at home with the fruity flavor.

Kentucky would roll over in his grave (he is dead right?).