The Faces

So, Max has a manifesto: ‘we just want a few beers, some good music, and a beautiful woman to appreciate.’ And they should go together. So, here’s my alternative favourite threesome from the 1970s using the Faces, the best rock n roll band in the world, even though their songs weren’t as good as Free’s, let along The Stones’: 1) For Max, the stateside pork bandit who likes to get in cider, it is the perversity of ‘Stay with Me’: ‘In the morning, don’t say you love me ’cause I’ll only kick you out of the door I know your name is Rita ’cause your perfume’s smelling sweeter since when I saw you down on the floor. Yeah, I’ll pay your cab fare home you can even use my best cologne just don’t be here in the morning when I wake up’ 2) For Kentucky, a ‘bitter’ man, it’s the wisdom of ‘Oh La La’ ‘Poor old granddad I laughed at all his words I thought he was a bitter man He spoke of women’s ways They’ll trap you, then they use you Before you even know For love is blind and you’re far too kind Don’t ever let it show I wish that I knew what I know now When I was younger.’ 3) For the Consul, romantic West Londoner, it is ‘Richmond’: ‘I wish I , I wish I was in Richmond I do, I would I I wish I, I wish I was back home the women, they may look very pretty and some they know it but they all look like the flowers in someone else’s garden I’ll not act on love for anyone but you’