The First Use of Apple's iPad

So after The Consul shared with us his fine take on Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey from the first volume of Lyrical Ballads, I was reminded that William was way ahead of his time by being the first person to use what became known as the Apple iPad. Of course I’m referring to a poem published in 1798 appearing in the second Volume of Lyrical Ballads: “Lines written on a Tablet in a School.” Many of you might not recognize the name, because in 1820, the Apple lawyers became involved and the name was changed to simply “Matthew”. This was a thinly veiled reference to the actor Matthew Modine who plays John Sculley in the movie about our hero, Steve Jobs, who famously fired Stevie shortly after joining Apple. Yes folks, the Drinking Man’s Diary is only about beer, boobs, and muff diving 99% of the time – the rest of the time you can learn something of real value in certain circles.