The Gang of Four Results

So tonight I followed through on my blind taste test. I wasn’t actually blind of course, since part of the enjoyment of drinking a fine beer is appreciating the clarity and color, but I had no clue which beer my wife was offering me next. I must say that I thought I’d be able to guess the beers easily but the only one that I was 100% certain about was good old Old Speckled Hen. ESB, Shiner, and Alaskan all tasted surprisingly similar. The biggest surprise to me was how far Old Speckled Hen has fallen, it wasn’t long ago when it was an easy 2nd and in fact was edging in on 1st. However, after this taste test it is clearly #4. Here are the results:

  • 1st – Fuller’s ESB
  • 2nd – Alaskan Amber
  • 3rd – Shiner Bock
  • 4th – Morland’s (now Greene King) Old Speckled Hen

I think the thing about Old Hen is that it has a slightly more bitter taste than the others and when compared back to back it is quite noticeable. The big surprise is the new darling Alaskan Amber – this beer will clearly feature more over the years. Really an excellent beer, but ESB still wins (just).